Is Boosting Yields while Reducing Cost and Management Possible?

Have you ever asked yourself “how do I boost my yields with less effort and costs”? Many farmers would like to spend less time on the field, money and get more HIGH-QUALITY products to increase the income. However, some of them don’t know how to do it while others know the products in the market cannot solve all their issues. IoT is not a product that you can buy and use. IoT is a solution that uses technology in order to reach the desired outcome.

We focus on farmer’s problems and goals before planning a solution. With that approach, many farmers are able to gain revenue while saving money and time.

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Connected Things: In Agriculture

A.U.R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. is not only an IT company but also we have a small Microgreens farm and Aquaponic solution. Therefore, our solutions are built for real problems and improved our product quality while saving costs and hard-work.

Aurobotics Measure


Efficient use of this land is essential to achieving key goals of healthy plants and increased productivity and profitability. This can be achieved with the help of technology and your experience and practices to increase output while minimizing input costs that can range from materials to electricity to labour along with the valuable natural resource of water. Measurement can greatly aid in this overall goal to improve plant health and yields, to preserve valuable resources, to use inputs more effectively, and to minimize the overall impact on the environment.



With the help of IoT devices we can analyse the status of the crops by capturing real time data from the sensors. By gathering data from the sensors and applying predictive analytics we can get insights that help to make better decisions related to harvesting. With the growth of population at a rapid pace could mean that every agribusiness needs to increase their productivity over the next 50 years and hence with the help of predictive analytics even the most specific problems can be matched.



Success is inevitable which you have proved it every year. With the help of technology devices and software, the result can be sensational. “Think big, start small” is our approach. With every device, every data, every report, and your expertise, you can change the game.

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moisture Aurobotics


Measuring the soil moisture is important in agriculture to help farmers to conduct their irrigation systems effectively. For this reason, farmers are able to use less water to irrigate crops as it is able to grow yields and the quality of the crop. Moisture sensor can read the amount of moisture nearby in the soil surrounding it properly.

Aurobotics Humidity


Relative humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air relative to the maximum amount of water vapor that the air can hold at a certain temperature. If the relative humidity level is 75 percent at 80° F, this means that every kilogram of the air in the respective space contains 75 percent of the maximum amount of water that it can hold for the given temperature.

Aurobotice Insect


Fighting with Insects and Rodents has always been a challenge. They feed on their efforts and infest on crops to spread various diseases. Keep them under control and maintaining their population is therefore important for a farmer to ensure crop health.

phlevel Aurobotics

PH Level

pH, Potential of Hydrogen, level is one of the main characteristics of any chemical solution. pH level plays a big role in the agriculture industry. Controlling the pH level is time consuming, costly, and difficult for growers to measure and regulate pH throughout the day and across the lifecycle of a plant. Therefore, pH levels are one of the key factors in plant health. Also, pH levels in the water and nutrient streams change constantly. Real-time pH level monitoring makes growers’ lives easier.

irrigation Aurobotics


If Irrigation systems that are not well-designed, maintained efficiently, it can cost growers in lost productivity, unused fertiliser loss, excess water use and big energy bills. With IoT devices, it can be scheduled, and used when it is needed. It can save lots of money and improve product quantity and quality.



Precision agriculture is the mechanism which controls the land productivity and maximizes the revenue and minimizes the impact on surroundings by automating the complete agriculture processes. Using Current weather and weather cast, we can control the irrigation valves and ventilation system in the greenhouse. That will reduce costs, more control on your yields and crops and less work.

drone Aurobotics


Utilizing drones inc integrated GIS mapping, crop health imaging, ease of use, saving time, potential to improve yields are very important in Smart Agriculture today. The data we gathered from drones provide us insights of field prediction, plant health indices, plant counting, canopy cover mapping, plant height measurement. Mapping of field water, scouting reports etc. Drones also gathers the thermal, multispectral, and visual imagery

Aurobotics LED


The impact of smart horticultural lighting goes beyond the usual benefits of LED-based grow lights — such as energy savings, enhanced produce quality and yield in a controlled environment, and so on. Smart grow lights assisted by sensors can help farmers fine-tune light combinations according to the plant’s species and growth stage. When such tasks are automated, it can amplify cost savings and increase production speed dramatically.


a small meeting to understand what/how/when you want to achieve. In IoT, we have many solutions for devices, connections, size, budgets. However, your goals define which one you need most and how you will get it. Unlike some systems around the world, many of our in-house solutions can be attached to your existing system and you don’t need to change everything.

We ask you to allocate 30 min quick catch up with us.

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