Auro IOT Cycle 2

People don’t buy IoT, They buy a Solutions to a Problem

Only Thing matters to us is that “is your problem solved?” not how many Things we connected or sold. Therefore, we want to learn your business and problems and then if we can, we may offer solutions not devices that you connect and throw them away in a period of time.

Also, before we offer a solution to your problem, we are keen to carefully analyse the cost of the solution, usability, efficiency and benefits to your business. We need to make sure that you will get exactly what you want end of the projects

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Connected Things: Industry 4.0

A.U.R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S. IoT solutions are end-to-end technologies that provide all you need. We take your business into the digital age and you adapt high-level technologies like IoT, ML, AI and Cloud Computing to your business value without increasing your expenses.


Device Connection

Fast prediction requires you to see the data real-time. Therefore, all devices you have must be connected to the cloud and transfer the value they collect to your database. There are many ways to connect your devices and it really depends on your environment and system you have.


Analysing Tools

Capturing the problem in real-time needs a perfect visual application where you can see and understand what is going on in a second. Therefore, every app we have has a different view and access. It’s designed based on your needs and requirements.



It can be fully automated action or semi-manual operation. With environmental conditions, certain actions are proceded by the system. However, there are some actions that need to be learned and defined. What we call it is Machine Learning. Our target is to use technology in a way to fix the small anomalies without turning them into big issues.

Which Industries We Help


Smart Farming

Bring improvements to crop health and efficiency, machine performance, storage conditions, energy consumption and animal behavior with IoT.


Smart Retail

The main target is to use smart sensors to figure out what your customer is looking for and offer your best product instantly. Also, using IoT sensors to reduce the retail costs is a very smart move.

IoT smart factory Auro

Industry 4.0

Switch to smart manufacturing with connected machines. Commission smart Industry 4.0 techniques such as unmanned production tracking, OEE measurement, digital poka-yoke, predictive maintenance.


Smart Energy

Energy distribution and consumption is getting complex. We are trying to find a real balance to produce what we consume. For energy companies, to see what they produce and find the leaking points and for consumers to reduce the consumption and save costs.

remote machine auro


Adapting IoT solutions to your machines will improve productivity while reducing unexpected outages. With a tiny bit of additional sensor, figuring out what is happening inside of the machine becomes easy.

smart healt auro iot

Smart Health

No one denies that one second really matter to save a life. Therefore, more smart technology we have in the health industry will improve our quality of life. We see many IoT and robotics improvements inside and outside of hospitals.


Smart Transport

Australia’s industry and business depends on transport all the time. The pressure on this market is so high. All transport companies need more control in order to reduce costs while improving efficiency and productivity.


Smart Cities

Cities are getting bigger, complex and crowded. More smart is for better management, reducing costs while improving quality of life. More knowledge on what is going on gives a chance to operators fixing the problems.


a small meeting to understand what/how/when you want to achieve. In IoT, we have many solutions for devices, connections, size, budgets. However, your goals define which one you need most and how you will get it. Unlike some systems around the world, many of our in-house solutions we offer can be attached to your existing system and you don’t need to change everything.

We ask you to allocate 30 min quick catch up with us.

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