Keep a Watchful Eye on Irrigation 24/7

In Agriculture, everything is very important to maximize the productivity and reduce the cost. There are many irrigation and monitoring solutions out there that helps you achieving your goals. We will explain why we need to keep eye on the irrigation 24/7.

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Firstly, I must admit that many of you might have far much experience than I have because I am not a farmer nor any my family members. I am an IT guy who wants to make things better.

Secondly, as a tech guy, I have been doing my research over the years and what can I do something different that makes a difference. More than 20 years IT experience and lots of customers, projects, different technologies to organizations like construction, manufacturing, finance, transport, energy, education gave me lots of new ideas and I had a chance to implement some of them. Now it is time to do something environment and Agriculture needs more better solutions for all of us.  

I have spoken many farmers all around the world last few years and I have seen damage on the crops due to lack of moisture, extensive water usage, weather condition etc…

When it comes to the keep an eye on irrigation systems, we highlight few things.

  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Irrigation Event monitoring
  • Maximizing every connection points.
  • Water pressure monitoring

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Monitoring moisture in the target root zone is the key to understand what kind of situation you are dealing with, and when combined with a valve automation system that triggers watering based on actual moisture level.

Irrigation Event Monitoring

How do you ensure that your irrigation system works? Also, how do you ensure that you get correct performance from the system. That is you you need to keep an eye on it 24/7.

Connection Points

When it comes to cost, I must admit, it is a bit of tricky part. More points mean more control and you can spot on any issue you have and root cause analyze of issue is very easy. However, more points mean investment cost for you. Our solutions are expandable and you can start with less points and add more.

Pressure Monitoring

Right pressure throughout your field from the pump as equally important as pumps working condition. Effectively monitoring the output from the pump gives you confident that you will get max product this season. Also, you can control the water usage too.

Software Integration

It is also important that you can monitor everything on your computer or mobile. Check the reports, and act according to reports and experience. The software and perfect reporting help you make better decisions.


Support is like an insurance policy and when you need it, it has to be available. Therefore, we pay more attention on this. We need to understand your business, conditions, needs, goals to provide better support. it is called personalized support. Although, in business, everything is standardized in a optimum way but we believe that support has to be the way how you want it to be.

Above is not something you don’t know. We just want to remind it again and plant a seed in your brain if you think any solution like this. Also, we want to remind this again, we are not a typical IT organization that only target we have is to sell, sell, sell. On the contrary, we have a business that relies on truth, right solution, long term relationship and trust. So, all of them make us who we are. Therefore, organizing a meeting with us is free and we would like to listen to you, hear about your problems, challenges, goals. If you want to meet us,

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