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Do We need Moisture Sensors?

All scientists around the world are talking about one thing nowadays which is “Mega-drought”

When we heard it, we knew “drought increase” but the term of mega seems too much. However, when I looked closely the numbers and reports, especially in USA, they are experiencing “mega-drought” and we will have it in Australia soon.

The result of drought, farmers, obviously, do not want to take risk and are turning to irrigation to ensure an adequate harvest. While they are doing this, reducing the cost is a big challenge.

There are many solutions sold separately around the world and many companies offers just irrigation systems that you can schedule it but you don’t have any idea about soil’s status and weather conditions, historical data and so on. Sensors like moisture, weather stations, insects detection systems are rarely used.

Communication is also another challenge for us. In large areas without proper network connection, collecting data and sending the to cloud is tough job. Moreover, investment of a proper network is huge. Although we are trying to minimize the gap, there are certain things we cannot avoid today.

Today I had a conversation with a farmer who has orchard farm and he mentioned something about water consumption and explained why we cannot take any risk at this moment. I am sure many farmers feel that way.

We believe that we definitely need more sensors to see what is going on and act based on real data. However, we shouldn’t have it because of it is popular. We need to have it if it offers benefits.

We are keen to help but we have no selling targets, or we do not want to push anyone. However, we want to meet with you and try to understand your problems, your targets. If we have any solution that brings you a benefit, we are happy to present to you. If you have 30 min for.

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